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Every day dispatching

Our shipping department dispatches our goods to Germany and throughout the rest of the world every day. If you want to get more information about the freight rates feel free to choose the shipping country in the drop-down field below.

Shipping Rates

The following chart is an orientation only. The actual shipping rates for your order are calculated automatically in the shopping cart.

Please note an additional handling fee of currently 7.62 EUR for all national COD-orders.

Please select a country:

Shipping Rates to: Deutschland

package weight shipping costs
0,5 kg6.89 EUR
1 kg7.23 EUR
2 kg7.91 EUR
3 kg8.59 EUR
4 kg9.27 EUR
5 kg9.95 EUR
6 kg10.63 EUR
7 kg11.31 EUR
8 kg11.99 EUR
9 kg12.67 EUR
10 kg13.35 EUR
11 kg14.03 EUR
12 kg14.71 EUR
13 kg15.39 EUR
14 kg16.07 EUR
15 kg16.75 EUR
16 kg17.43 EUR
17 kg18.11 EUR
18 kg18.79 EUR
19 kg19.47 EUR
20 kg20.15 EUR
package weight shipping costs
21 kg20.83 EUR
22 kg21.51 EUR
23 kg22.19 EUR
24 kg22.87 EUR
25 kg23.55 EUR
26 kg24.23 EUR
27 kg24.91 EUR
28 kg25.59 EUR
29 kg26.27 EUR
30 kg26.95 EUR
31 kg27.63 EUR
32 kg34.86 EUR
33 kg35.54 EUR
34 kg36.22 EUR
35 kg36.90 EUR
36 kg37.58 EUR
37 kg38.26 EUR
38 kg38.94 EUR
39 kg39.62 EUR
40 kg40.30 EUR
... ...

All shipping costs to Switzerland and Norway includes handling fees for the custom declaration paperwork. These declarations are necessary on every shipment to these two countries and independent from the order value.