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RANCHO Transmissions

Rancho is worldwide known for their transmissions. Custom & Speed Parts distributes these Type-1 transmissions thoughout Germany and beyond.
All Rancho transmissions are completely dismantled, cleaned and carefully inspected before the new assembly and alignment takes place. Various items are changed against new parts. This covers for example all synchros, shift fork bushings and seals.
In our store you will find Type-1 transmissions with various ratios. To choose the optimum ratio for your engine we have added a transmission calculator to each transmission detail page to calculate the speed depending to the tyre size of your car.
Rancho Transmissions are available with standard or reinforced (Pro-Street) internals. The Pro-Street are equipped with the following features:

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A reinforced differential housing (Super Diff) is made to carry four spyder gears which are hold in place by the supplied shafts. The swing axle version also features super strength double snap rings.

Swing axle


HD Side cover

Mit diesem Getriebedeckel wird ein Auseinanderdrücken von Teller und Kegelrad, das zum Brechen dieser Teile führen kann, vermindert.

Swing axle


Welded syncho hubs

To prevent the synchro hub slip on the gear the hub and gear are welded together.

Steel shift forks

For better Performance Pro-Street Transmissions are equipped with steel instead of brass shift forks.