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Sealing Kit

Beetle 1303 convertible
Sealing Kit

If you own a convertible you have to pay special attention to the sealing of side windows and hood. Hardened or porous seals as well as worn guide rails and scrapers aren't only ugly but also lead to wind noises and leakage when the hood is closed. The multitude of various seals used on Beetle convertibles and frequent requests from our customers made us assembling a seal kit. The ''Super Beetle (1303) convertible seal kit'' contains all relevant seals in very high quality. With this kit you not only safe money over the purchase of single parts but also time! Time you would need to search all the needed parts - we did that for you already!

With this kit it's a breeze to assemble the hood of your restored convertible or to change the old worn out parts against new seals for the upcoming season.

Save 169,00€ against the normal retail prices!

This seal kit is matching 1303 convertibles from '73-'79 and contains the following parts:

  • 1 pair Header Bow Seal, corner
  • 4x hinge pin plug
  • 1x header bow seal
  • 1 pair door glass stop
  • 1 pair windshield post seals
  • 2x door check rod seal
  • 2x dome light contact switch seal
  • 1x vent window seal, left
  • 1x vent window seal, right
  • 1 pair vent base seals
  • 1 pair felt channel
  • 1 pair inner window scrapers, front
  • 1 pair inner window scrapers, rear
  • 1x window scraper with chrome, left front
  • 1x window scraper with chrome, right front
  • 1x window scraper with chrome, left rear
  • 1x window scraper with chrome, right rear
  • 1 set door handle seals
  • 1 pair door alignment wedge
  • 1x door seal, left
  • 1x door seal, right
  • 1 set roof to window frame seals, (6 pieces)
  • 1 pair quarter window upright seals
  • 2x glass to frame seal, front
  • 2x glass to frame seal, rear
  • 1 pair rubber wedges, quarter window
  • 1 pair rubber wedges, rear door
  • 1 pair rubber wedges, quarter window front
  • 1 pair header bow corner seals
  • 1 pair top latch guides
  • 1 pair rear bow base seals

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OEM: Türdichtkit, 898721151, 151 898 721, 151898721, 151-898-721
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