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Push Rod Tube Type-4 CSP

Push Rod Tube
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CSP Products Type-4 push rod tubes are made out of solid aluminum material using state-of-the-art CNC technology. The manufacturing tolerances achieved are clearly below that of a molded push rod tube and guarantee the best precision and sealing characteristics. An inner diameter of 20 mm provides maximum clearance for the push rod and a perfect oil return from the cylinder head.

On the outside, the push rod tube provides extra space in the area of the exhaust manifolds and thus simplifies the installation of large diameter exhaust systems. An additional shoulder on the engine housing side serves as a disassembly aid and allows the simple ''levering'' of the push rod tube using a 22 mm open-end spanner. The push rod tubes are black anodized after machining.

CSP Products push rod tubes are supplied as a set of 8 and are available in two versions. In addition to the standard version with a length of 209 mm a longer version is also available. On the engine side the longer version provides two additional grooves for accommodating the push rod tube seal, which can be removed if required. The longer version can be used as 220 mm, 214.5 mm and 209 mm push rod tubes. High quality seals are included in the set.

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