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Camshafts Type-1

JPM high performance camshafts - made in Sweden
Camshafts Type-1
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Most cam shaft profiles for aircooled Volkswagen were developed in the 1970s and haven't changed or just slightly since then. But development didn't stop there! The world gained experiences and modern technologies enabled new knowledge in the last decades - helping to create new cam shaft designs.
JPM, short for Johannes Persson Motorsport, did exactly that: benefit from their experience and modern technologies! Now the Swedish company is manufacturing their own up to date cnc cut cam shafts for Type 1 engines. They are developed mainly for street use, noticeable because of the shorter 106° lobe center. The advantage of the relatively short lobe center of the JPM cams is the notably better drivability in mid range revs, the all important range for street use. Furthermore the JPM cams are a lot quieter and need less strong valve springs.
JPM cams have a 3 point flange, which corresponds to stock cam flanges until '70. The advantage of the 3 point flange is the huge variety of cam gears on the market. JPM cams always come with 8 perfectly matching JPM lifters, brake-in paste, oil additive and data sheet. Cam gears and bolts are NOT included in the product contents.

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Camshaft Bearings Type-1
Type-1 12-1600
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Camshaft Gear
Type-1 3-bolt cams
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Bolt Camshaft Gear
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Cam-Shield Assembly Lube
Modern engines need only little ZDDP anti-wear protection and that's why it is reduced in todays moto
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Cam-Shield Oil Additive
Modern engines need only little ZDDP anti-wear protection and that's why it is reduced in todays moto
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OEM: 1090151288JPM, 128 109 0158JPM, 1281090158JPM, 128-109-0158JPM, 1090151298JPM, 129 109 0158JPM, 1291090158JPM, 129-109-0158JPM, 1090151301JPM, 130 109 0151JPM, 1301090151JPM, 130-109-0151JPM, 1090151313JPM, 131 109 0153JPM, 1311090153JPM, 131-109-0153JPM, 1090151323JPM, 132 109 0153JPM, 1321090153JPM, 132-109-0153JPM, 1090151328JPM, 132 109 0158JPM, 1321090158JPM, 132-109-0158JPM, 1090151331JPM, 133 109 0151JPM, 1331090151JPM, 133-109-0151JPM, 1090151332JPM, 133 109 0152JPM, 1331090152JPM, 133-109-0152JPM, 1090151298JPT, 129 109 0158JPT, 1291090158JPT, 129-109-0158JPT, 1090151313JPT, 131 109 0153JPT, 1311090153JPT, 131-109-0153JPT
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