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Wiring Loom Bus '68-'79

Wiring Loom
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These Bus wiring harness are generally designed for Export models. If your Bus is a European model, or some electrical upgrades have been performed (such as additional equipment), some modificationswill be required.

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Ground Strap Battery
This ground strap connects the battery with the chassis
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Ground Strap Gearbox
Beetle/Karmann Ghia, Thing (181), Type-3 and Bus -'72
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Positive Battery Cable
Beetle '67-'71
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Positive Battery Cable
Bus '72-'79
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OEM: 971068069BUS, 069 971 068BUS, 069971068BUS, 069-971-068BUS, 971068069BUSC, 069 971 068BUSC, 069971068BUSC, 069-971-068BUSC, 971070071BUS, 071 971 070BUS, 071971070BUS, 071-971-070BUS, 971070071BUSC, 071 971 070BUSC, 071971070BUSC, 071-971-070BUSC, 971072079BUS, 079 971 072BUS, 079971072BUS, 079-971-072BUS, 971075079BUSI, 079 971 075BUSI, 079971075BUSI, 079-971-075BUSI
Bus 67, Bus 1967, T1, T2, Typ2, Typ-2, Type2, Type-2, Split Screen, Splitty, Split Window