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Speedometer electronic Bus -'67 200km/h

Speedometer electronic

This electronic 200 km/h speedometer is made by Smith Instruments in England exclusively for CSP Products and fits the stock gauges in a Type-2 Bus (Splitscreen) up to '67 design-wise. This way you can replace a broken speedo or mph-tachymeter from an export model without making compromises.

This speedo is also interesting for Buses with a different wheel-tire combination than stock, because you can adjust it easily by doing an initialization drive or simply by entering the new rolling circumference. No specialist or disassembling of the speedometer necessary!

Besides indicating the speed the gauge also shows overall milage and has a trip counter. You can switch to the trip counter in the little LCD display by an external button. It also features all warning light as in the original speedo.

Contains of:

  • gauge
  • wiring loom
  • Hall sensor
  • mounting and operating instructions in English

Technical features:
  • operating voltage 12V
  • power consumption max. 100mA
  • Tolerance of the speed measurement +/- 5%
  • overall milage 0-99999 km
  • trip counter 0-999,9 km
  • temperature range -20° bis 70° C