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Pulley Skale Template CSP

For Type-1 engine in Beetle, Bus, Ghia and Trekker (Type-181)
Pulley Skale Template CSP
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The Type-1 engine, used in Beetle, Type-2 Bus (Splitscreen and Bay Window), Karmann Ghia (Type-14) and Thing (Type-181), came with many different pulleys and various ignition markings over the years. This makes it difficult to identify the 7.5° before TDC notch on the numerous models – but it is essential to know the right one to adjust the ignition properly.

You can solve this problem by using the CSP Products scale template for pulleys. Just screw off the pulley bolt, take off the washer, put on the scale template and align it with the stainless steel pin. An opening in the clear plastic disc helps to mark the pulley at the 7.5° before TDC position. You don’t have to remove the pulley for this procedure!

The CSP Products scale template can be used with all stock pulleys and aftermarket versions with 175 and 170 mm diameter. This is a tool which should be on hand in every workshop!

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OEM: Messplatte Riemenscheibe Zündung Tool Platte Plexiglas Werkzeug Zündzeitpunkt Kerbe 7, 5, 012105905, 905 012 105, 905012105, 905-012-105
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