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123 Ignition Vacuum / USB
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123ignition USB distributor impress with modern, maintenance-free technology and perfectly suit modified engines, no matter if installed in a Beetle, Type-2 Bus (Splitscreen and Bay Window), Karmann Ghia (Type-14), Type-3, Thing (Type-181), 411/412, Porsche 356, 912 or 914.

Inside the aluminum body is an up-to-date electronic ignition and because of the compact design, no other moduls are necessary. Via the mini USB port a Windows computer can be connected. This way you can easily programm advance curves – two at the same time by the way! You can switch between the two just by placing 12 volts (or 6 volts) on a defined wire, which comes in handy, when you use different fuel for racing for example. You can also programm a soft rev limiter up to 7900/min.

Because the 123ignition distributors come with a universal body which can be pushed too deep inside the crankcase, we always include an adapter ring in the delivery contents. So modifications are unnecessary and damage on the air-cooled VW and 4 cylinder Porsche crankcases as a result of a too long shaft can be avoided.

The distributor works with 6 and 12 volts, has a fitting for a vacuum hose, improves fuel consumption and reduces exhaus emissions. Furthermore it automatically switches off current one second after engine standstill!

Here are the features at a glance:

  • electronic ignition
  • two programmable advance curves (it comes equipped with a basic curve)
  • switching between the two advance curves possible
  • programmable soft rev limiter at max 7900/min
  • maintenance-free design
  • fitting for vacuum hose
  • compact design, no other moduls necessary
  • one second after engine standstill current is automatically switched off
  • suitable for 6 volts and 12 volts
  • improves fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • aluminum body
  • adapter ring for VW and Porsche engines included
  • high quality red Beru cap

p65warning Warning: Using this product can expose you to chemicals which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
with this extra-long USB Cable you can connect your CSP Pacemaker / 123-Ignition to a computer / laptop
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OEM: 123 TUNE 4-R-V-V, 905205123VT, 123 905 205VT, 123905205VT, 123-905-205VT
Käfer, Kaefer, Beetle, Bug, T-1, Typ1, Typ-1, Type1, Type-1, Fusca, Vocho, Cox, Coccinelle
Karmann Ghia, Typ14, Typ-14, Type14, Type-14
Kübel, Kuebel, Kübelwagen, Thing, Typ181, Typ-181, Type181, Type-181, Typ182, Typ-182, Type182, Type-182, Camat, Trekker, Safari
Bus 67, Bus 1967, T1, T2, Typ2, Typ-2, Type2, Type-2, Split Screen, Splitty, Split Window
T2, Typ2, Typ-2, Type2, Type-2, Bulli, Rundscheibe, Baywindow, Microbus
T2, T3, T25, Typ-2, Type-2, Typ25, Type-25, Vanagon, Microbus, Caravelle, Transporter
Typ3, Type3, Typ-3, Type-3, VW1500, VW1600, Stufenheck, Fließheck, Variant, Notchback, Fastback, Squareback
356, Porsche 356, Porsche356, Porsche-356
Typ1, Typ 1, Typ-1, Type-1, Type1, Motor, Engine
Typ4, Typ 4, Typ-4, Type-4, Type4, Motor, Engine
WBX, Wasserboxer, Waterboxer, T3 Motor, T3 engine
Porsche 356 Motor, Porsche 356 Engine