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Shock absorbers

No lowering of the vehicle is achieved by shortening the shock absorbers! With an adjustable front axle you need a shorter shock absorber so that it can continue to work in an optimum regime. For shock absorbers that are being used in conjunction with lowering springs, only the lift out of the piston rod is limited (rebound) so that the springs cannot jump out of their retainers.


Spring plates

Strengthened spring plates in conjunction with urethane bearings provide stable tracking for the rear axle and reduce the roll steer effect. A further advantage is that these plates, made from 6.3 mm steel, can be supplied for each type of torsion bar. This means for example that the short swing axle torsion bar can be combined with a strengthened IRS arm plate to achieve a harder spring rate. The adjustable spring plates basically have the same characteristics, but in addition allow for raising or lowering by 40 mm by a simple adjustment of the adjustment screw. The latter is accessible even when the wheel is fitted. This is a must for dragracing vehicles so that fine adjustments can be made on the racetrack. They are supplied complete with inner and outer urethane bearings.


In the case of a part that significantly affects the vehicle safety, you should always use new parts or parts that lie within VW tolerances. With reworked spindles you must be particularly careful since the most of the products offered already have a full vehicle life behind them and have only been prettied up by means of sand blasting. In the quality checks we have carried out we have found bearing journals that lay well under the prescribed dimensions. This leads to steering oscillation during braking and at higher speeds. In the worst cases the wheel bearing can run seized.

Lowering your aircooled vehicle: