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CSP Products stands for our exclusive range of products and for our high standards in typical German quality and functionality. The worldwide success of CSP Products has confirmed our company philosophy, and at the same time is an incentive for us to continue to extend this range of products energetically. Prepare for a surprise! We are convinced of our products and you will be too - in every way.

CSP Products stand out in terms of the following properties:

  • Proven both in everyday use and on the racing circuit
  • Designs thought through in every detail
  • Maximum functional reliability through the use of high quality materials and fittings
  • No compromise in quality through the use of the latest production technologies

If you want to get quick and comprehensive information about the CSP Products we make for the various Volkswagen models, we can offer you our CSP Products Type brochures. They are available for download as PDF files or get a free printed version with your next online order. Just tick the corresponding box at the check-out.

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